Tripoli port

Port Description:

Location: Tripoli center  is located in West Libya, and is the capital and principal
port of the country.

General overview:

The harbor covers an area of approx 3.0sq km and is protected by 2 breakwaters, 2,000m and 700m in length respectively.
Traffic figures: Approx 600 vessels visit the port annually.
Load Line zone: Summer.
Max Draft 10.7 m max beam: 25 m  Max LOA 190 m.
ETA: Vessel’s ETA should be sent 12 hours prior arrival by contacting port control via vhf
Radio: VHF: VHF ch 6, 10, 12 and 16.


Misurata Port

Latitude    32°22′N      Longitude    015°14′E
Time Zone    GMT +2      UNCTAD Code    LYMRA

Port Description:

Location: in Qasr Ahmed Area  250 km East  from Tripoli.

General overview:

All berths are well foundered with sufficient mooring facilities. well organized.
Traffic figures: Approx 200 vessels visiting  the port annually.
Load Line zone:  Summer.
Max Draft:  10.8 m draft can be accommodated.
Max LOA: 190 m
Max beam: 25 m


ETA: All vessels calling libyan ports  must inform port control 12 hours before arrival.
Radio: VHF:  ch 16


Sea buoys, fairways and channels: Entrance to the port is via a channel 12.0m in depth, then between 2 breakwaters 150m apart.
TUGBOAT AND Pilot: Compulsory, the pilot
boarding position is 0.5nm E of the Fairway Buoy. Pilots are available from 0800-22:00 hrs
Anchorages: The anchorage area for vessels awaiting a berth is within 1.5nm of Lat 32°23′N, Long 015°18′E, approx 4.75nm E of Ras al Barq light. The holding ground is poor and it is therefore advisable to leave the anchorage at the first sign of the approach of bad weather.
Tidal range and flow: Range 0.5m.
Dock density: 1026.
Weather: Prevailing winds: N’ly.
Charts: BA 3353. Admiralty Pilot NP49.


Benghazi Port :

Latitude    32°7′N        Longitude    020°3′E
Time Zone    GMT +2      UNCTAD Code    LYBEN

Port Descreption

Location: Benghazi is situated on the NE coast of the Gulf of Sidra.

General overview

Load Line zone: Summer.
Max size: Max LOA 167.6 m beam 25 m and ax draft 11.00 m.


ETA: all Vessel’s shall contact port control 12 hours prior arrival
Radio: VHF: Benghazi Port Radio, VHF ch 16
Container berths: Containers are worked alongside the general berths .
Tanker berths: There are 2 berths used for tankers. A buoy berth at the N end of Rasif Juliana can accommodate vessels up to LOA 107m, draft 7.3m. A quay in the Outer Harbour 229m in length can accommodate tankers up to 7.3m draft.
Ro-Ro berths: Ro-ro vessels can be accommodated.
Facilities: There are 2 floating cranes available capable of lifting 80t. Several mobile cranes of 30t capacity are also available.
Storage: There are 8 transit sheds which provide 17,500m2 of covered storage. Ample open storage area available.