Marine Spare Parts

Golden Anchor

did everything in it is power in order to be distinct and unique That is why our goal and our strategy to provide all ships owners charters and local market needs in with spare parts for all kind of ships , supply boat , rigs passenger ships cargo ships ,and now we are exclusive distributors in Libya for M&RP Srl – Machinery and Replacement Parts company, is a Genova based ship spares and industrial supply company with over 30 years of experience in the marine and industrial market.

M&RP Srl provides, through skilled repair and services companies, authorized by manufacturers, a range of assistance in marine safety and emergency: Inspection, testing for annual survey, repair, overhauling and servicing of all types of lifeboats including free fall and rescue boats, load test by certified water weight.

  • Release systems: life raft, lifejackets, immersion suits, fire safety equipment.
  • Radar and electronic deck device control, assistance and repair.
  • Deck/Engine urgent repair – reconditioning and supplies on exchange basis.
  • Cargo crane test and repair.
  • Subsea inspections and underwater repairs.

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