O.P.A Services

Owners’ Protective Agency

Vessel owners may sometimes need to appoint a preferred agent to supervise the charterers’ agency function and monitor port call operations.
Golden Anchor offers a scalable service to owners & operators ranging from provision of a simple independent report, to full involvement in expediting a port call, including the following:

Time and money are key considerations for masters, owners and operators.

That’s why Golden Anchor pioneered its Ship Supply Service (SSS) over long years ago to provide the most efficient way to exchange officers and crew as well as deliver spares and provisions to vessels, without requiring them to divert from their course or stop. Our SSS team also provides emergency response and incident management support.

  • Checking Performa D/A submitted by the head agent for compliance with applicable tariffs.
  • Receipt of owners’ funds and payment to head agents.
  • Reporting the vessel/cargo status, as required.
  • Issue Marine Work Permit.
  • Signing Bills of Lading.
  • Issue transit visa for ship’s crew members with complete crew change formalities.
  • provide vessels with provision food order as owner request.
  • customs clearance formalities for all vessels shipments need .
  • sludge and bilge treatment with official certificate .
  • hotel accommodation and medical care to crew member.
  • treatment and disposal dirty oil with official certificate.

We provide all necessary services for ships owner  with long list of professional sub-contractors  who are officially and authorization from port authority.

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